I'm developing with Truffle and Ganache

I have an standard ERC20 ABI that I import in my test file. it only has 3 optionals functions name, symbol and decimals.

const Token = artifacts.require('./Token')

And I instantiate it

token = await Token.new()

After this I can call it's functions directly like this


How would I proceed to use the same functions on another ERC20 standard contract? Can I use my contract ABI that is pretty much standard or do I need another contract that will take a contract address as an argument to make the call to the right contract?

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You can use:

  • token = await Token.new('name', 'symbol', decimals) in order to deploy and interact with a new Token instance
  • token = await Token.at('0xSomeAddress') in order to interact with an already-deployed Token instance

Depending on your Truffle version, the await before the at may be redundant.

But you can leave it there in order to stay on the safe side.

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