Where can someone get a list of all the ethereum accounts and sort it by the # of ether they have?


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The most convenient way to get his information presently is via etherscan blockchain explorer:


Currently, it shows that top 5 accounts are:

Poloniex Cold Wallet (7.8 million Ether)

Kraken (2.2 million Ether)

EthDev (1.75 million - this is a multi signature contract)

0x1937c5c515057553ccbd46d5866455ce66290284 (1 million Ether). This one has bought Ether at pre-sale and has not spent any of it yet

0xd12cd8a37f074e7eafae618c986ff825666198bd (almost 1 million Ether). This one accumulated it over the period of 170 days (withdrawn from Poloniex Hot Wallet)


This is not accounting for people holding multiple accounts. Below is the first 3 pages of the list.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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