I've installed Mist on my local PC (Windows 10), but I don't want to sync Main/Test networks. So I've used this Ethereum + Azure tutorial and now I can work via SSH on my private network.

geth --dev console

More than that, I know that it's possible to run Mist on custom blockchain using special flag

mist.exe --rpc http://YOUR_IP:PORT

So, according to geth --help, I'm running geth --dev --rpc console on Azure's virtual machine, after that I'm running mist.exe --rpc http://VM_IP:8545 and there is an error:

[2016-09-24 18:01:21.928] [INFO] Sockets/node-ipc - Connect to {"hostPort":"http://VM_IP:8545"}
[2016-09-24 18:01:24.968] [ERROR] Sockets/node-ipc - Connection failed (3000ms elapsed)
[2016-09-24 18:01:24.971] [WARN] EthereumNode - Failed to connect to node. Maybe it's not running so let's start our own...
[2016-09-24 18:01:24.979] [INFO] EthereumNode - Node type: geth
[2016-09-24 18:01:24.982] [INFO] EthereumNode - Network: test
[2016-09-24 18:01:24.983] [INFO] EthereumNode - Start node: geth test
[2016-09-24 18:01:32.284] [INFO] EthereumNode - 3000ms elapsed, assuming node started up successfully
[2016-09-24 18:01:32.286] [INFO] EthereumNode - Started node successfully: geth test
[2016-09-24 18:01:32.327] [INFO] Sockets/node-ipc - Connect to {"hostPort":"http://VM_IP:8545"}
[2016-09-24 18:02:02.332] [ERROR] Sockets/node-ipc - Connection failed (30000ms elapsed)
[2016-09-24 18:02:02.333] [ERROR] EthereumNode - Failed to connect to node Error: Unable to connect to socket: timeout

P.S. Mist version - 0.8.2

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Well, I'm answering my own question, here's a solution:

1) Add endpoints to your Azure VM (tutorial)

In this case you need to add port 8545 to Inbound security group. Don't forget to add port 22 too, otherwise you can't connect via SSH.

2) Connect to VM and run geth --dev --rpc --rpcaddr "". Last flag means that your RPC will accept requests from any IP.

3) Now you can run Ethereum wallet with RPC's flag -

mist.exe --rpc http://YOUR_VM_IP:8545

That's it :)

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