So the best way I can describe what I am trying to implement is with an example...

Let's say you have a bunch of journalists, and each journalist has beneath them all of the articles they have written or will write in the future. Journalist A is discredited as being a liar in an article they recently published. His reputation is now affected, and future articles written by him will be scrutinized until he repairs his credibility.

In essence I am looking to represent the journalist as a smart contract, in addition, his articles are also smart contracts directly linked below him. Sort of like parent and child in a binary tree except the child has no children of their own. Only 2 levels.

The standard I lean towards is ERC-1155 where the root contract's value is algorithmically pinned to the contracts below. If this were to be the right choice, would it even be possible to almost recursively create smart contracts within the journalist's contract to represent each article he writes? A sort of factory for subsidiary journal contracts?

P.S. I'm relatively knew to solidity smart contract development, I am a full stack engineer foraying into crypto. I apologize if this question appears too novice.

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