My question is very simple and I couldn't find the answer for it.

There's a state trie in ethereum. Each state trie has address as key and value as an object which has balance as one of the keys.

I am curious what currency does ethereum store in balance ? is it wei, gwei, eth or even gas ?

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It is stored in Wei. You can find the information in the Ethereum yellow paper, Blocks, State and Transactions section (https://ethereum.github.io/yellowpaper/paper.pdf) :

The world state (state), is a mapping between addresses (160-bit identifiers) and account states

The account object has 4 fields, including the balance which is formally defined as :

A scalar value equal to the number of Wei owned by this address.

Note that Wei is the unit used by the EVM, all low level Ether operations are done in Wei.

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