If I register a meta mask event listener using:

provider.on('accountsChanged', accounts => {
  console.log('accounts:', accounts)

Is there a way to clean this listener? I'm use Vue.js which means if the listener is registered upon loading of the component it's gonna register a new listener every time the component is loaded. I could use a custom workaround, checking if the listener has already been registered but maybe there's a proper way to do this that I haven't found in the metamask documentation yet. Thanks for the help!

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Struggled a bit with this myself since it is not very well documented. This is what worked for me in the end:

provider.on("accountsChanged", handleAccountsChanged)

function handleAccountsChanged() {
  // do something

// When leaving the page (Vue 3 - Composition API)
onUnmounted(() => {
  if (provider.removeListener) {
    provider.removeListener("accountsChanged", handleAccountsChanged)

Hope that helps anyone.

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