I have tried to run the example of Web3Modal on my local env, and then use IMToken to scan the QRcode showed by clicking the WalletConnect, but at last I just got an error which is showing below:


Please suggest me a possible solution about this issue and please let me know what else code you want me to provide, thanks!

BTW, I have tried using different infuraId to init Web3, but got same error, even if I used the id from live demo site of web3modal

Example link

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I discovered the same issue. It's a known bug in web3.js v1.3.0 that was brought in this PR: #3649. In this comment someone explains it in more detail.

There is an ongoing PR here that will fix it, so i'd suggest to keep an eye on that one.

A temporary solution would be to downgrade to web3 v1.2.11


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