As of my plan (in the attached figure) there will be 2 levels of blockchain. The top level blockchain (yellow circles) consist of 4 participant, admin top & admins middle. The bottom levels blockchain (green circle) consists of a middle admin and some child in it. So middle admins have to participate in two blockchains. enter image description here My question,
1) how to setup two blockchain in a single node (admin middle)
2) How to deploy smart contracts here ?
3) how to get the measures block creation time, response time and energy consumption?

I'm using Geth, Ethereum, solidity on windows.


I've never heard of a concept called hierarchical blockchains.

If your concept requires some interaction between the blockchains you have to use something else than Geth, but I have no idea where you could start. The whole concept is rather... weird. Which doesn't necessarily mean anything bad, just unheard of.

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  • can a node participate in two blockchain ? – SukantaCB Sep 30 at 6:12
  • Not any node I know of. A node is designed to be a single one within a single blockchain. – Lauri Peltonen Sep 30 at 6:14

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