I am using a quorum 7 nodes example with IBFT genesis file. I have modified the maxCodeSizeConfig to 128KB (which is maximum). I have also increased the gas limit to 0x3B9AC9FFFFFF. But, when I am trying to call my setVariable(ciphertext).send() method, I am still getting the same error as Oversized data when calling the method.

  • Well, the ciphertext input to the method is data, not code. This is also obvious from the error-message that you're getting. – goodvibration Sep 28 at 6:19
  • Yes, I tried adding the txnsizeLimit:128kb but I need to store the data of around 180kb. How do we do that ? – Naman k Sep 29 at 4:23

You need to increase the transaction data size, not the code size. The transaction data size can be increased on Quorum with the genesis txnSizeLimit value (up to 128kb).

This is documented here: https://docs.goquorum.consensys.net/en/latest/HowTo/Configure/GenesisOptions/#configurable-transaction-size

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  • Thanks for the response. Is 128kb the maximum txnSizeLimit? Because when I see the data size it is around 180 kb, how do we configure our genesis file for the same? – Naman k Sep 29 at 4:21
  • Yes, there is an upper limit of 128kb. Allowing excessively large transaction sizes isn't a good idea. One workaround is to rewrite your smart contract to break down the transaction data into smaller units. Otherwise you would need to modify the code to allow a larger transaction size (not recommended). – Satpal Sandhu Sep 29 at 8:41

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