I have forked the eth mainnet onto my local machine using ganache cli and am trying to call the UNISWAP router2's SwapETHForExactTokens to swap eth for MEME tokens. I call the function from truffle console like so,

await uniRouter.methods.swapETHForExactTokens('500', address, sender, '1600952122').send({from: sender, value: web3.utils.toWei('2', 'Ether')}),

Where address = [WETH address, MEME token address], sender = unlocked account, and uniRouter is an abstraction of the router contract. When I first start the cli and call the function I get 'runtime error: revert' and on any subsequent calls with varying parameters I also get 'revert reason: UniswapV2: LOCKED'. Any ideas how to solve this?

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