I am polling the Eth.getTransactionReceipt and the ContractFunction.call to get the transaction receipt for a mass transaction submitted onto the Ethereum chain. I notices that I have a lot of CLOSE_WAIT to occupied opened files.

My code as below:


tx_hash = contract_instance.functions.setApprovalForAll(
    Web3.toChecksumAddress(a['set_operation_to_this_account_address']), b['approval']
            ).transact({'from': self.w3.toChecksumAddress(a['original_account_address']), 'gas': int(gas_estimate)})


last_token = contract_instance.functions.getId().call()

Check the file handle occupied: >lsof -p 3146 |grep CLOSE

python3 20371 ubuntu  776u     IPv4             751767      0t0    TCP ubuntu:49060-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  777u     IPv4             716763      0t0    TCP ubuntu:41102-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  778u     IPv4             725121      0t0    TCP ubuntu:40790-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  779u     IPv4             631622      0t0    TCP ubuntu:35948-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  780u     IPv4             724478      0t0    TCP ubuntu:41798-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  781u     IPv4             752720      0t0    TCP ubuntu:49072-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  782u     IPv4             720853      0t0    TCP ubuntu:41484-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  783u     IPv4             722860      0t0    TCP ubuntu:41600-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  784u     IPv4             720880      0t0    TCP ubuntu:41640-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  786u     IPv4             632055      0t0    TCP ubuntu:35940-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  788u     IPv4             634447      0t0    TCP ubuntu:36712-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  789u     IPv4             749089      0t0    TCP ubuntu:49176-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu  814u     IPv4             723730      0t0    TCP ubuntu:41878-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu 1062u     IPv4             748998      0t0    TCP ubuntu:48724-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
python3 20371 ubuntu 1063u     IPv4             750865      0t0    TCP ubuntu:48952-> (CLOSE_WAIT)

Total count of CLOSE_WAIT: lsof -p 20371 |grep CLOSE |wc -l 682

How can I set a timeout for each transaction call that these connection will not occupy the file handle in long period?

Environment: Python 3.6.9 Web3 5.21.1 Geth 1.9.21

Maybe I would narrow down the issue by the setting of the middleware of the web3.py. How can I setup the timeout for each requests call in middleware layer in web3.py?

Anyone can help would be appreciated.


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