I am using the latest version of Chrome and I re-installed MetaMask but the below problems persist.

  1. When I enter my password into MetaMask I get the message "Network request failed". I close MetaMask and then re-open it, and I am now successfully logged in.

  2. When I try to add an ERC20 token I go through the process successfully but then the wallet just says "Loading Tokens". All I can see is the ETH wallet.

Note: I have not added any ETH to this wallet.

Thanks for any feedback.

  • yes thank you so much that just made my day
    – jim
    Mar 28, 2021 at 21:37

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I discovered the cause. I had the setting "This can read and change site data" at "When you click the extension". Changing it back to the default setting "On all sites" resolved the above 2 issues.

Note: I was advised to select "When you click the extension" to protect my privacy.

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