In PoW, nodes always resync their own chain to the longest chain in the network in order to respect the work the miners have done. In PoS, as I understand in its simplest form, the miner with the highest stake in the system produces a legitimate block.

Then, what are the criteria to resync the chain in PoS when there might be a fork or difference?


  • Also, I think this brings to another question that whether the PoS produced chain is temper-proof.
    – Hang Chen
    Oct 7, 2020 at 5:43

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I got an inspiration from this paper https://decred.org/research/king2012.pdf, where it says

The block chain with highest total consumed coin age is chosen as main chain.

This is also one of the very early papers talking about PoS.

I guess then we can let nodes resync to the chain in which all the blocks add to the highest total stake by the winning miners.

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