Every block x amount of ether is put into the smart contract - Where x is variable.

And a user with a token balance of y is entitled to y / total token supply of the total dividends in the smart contract.

What is the best way to implement such a thing?


There is no single “best” way to do this, while there are several common ways. Here is one of them:

contract DividendToken {
    uint private totalDividendsPerToken = 0;
    mapping (address => uint) private dividendsPerTokenPaid;

    function distributeDividends () public payable {
        require (msg.value % totalSupply () == 0);
        totalDividendsPerToken += msg.value / totalSupply ();

    function payOutDividends (address payable who) internal {
        uint amount =
            balanceOf (who) *
            (totalDividendsPerToken - dividendsPerTokenPaid [who]);
        dividendsPerTokenPaid [who] = totalDividendsPerToken;
        who.transfer (amount);


Function payOutDividends should be called for an address prior to any change of token balance for this address, i.e. in functions such as transfer, transferFrom, mint, burn etc. like this:

function transfer (address to, uint value) public returns (bool) {
    payOutDividends (msg.sender);
    payOutDividends (to);

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