When I try to run the command

geth attach $nodeName/geth.ipc

It shows the following error

'Incorrect Usage. flag provided but not defined: -raft'

I am not able to understand what went wrong exactly, because I have followed every step properly and have checked it as well.

need help thank you....


That means you are running the upstream (original Ethereum) geth executable, instead of the quorum executable. (Ethereum geth doesn't support raft).

Check your path is set up so that you pick up Quorum geth before any ethereum executable. You can check this by running geth version. The result of this should contain a line containing the text Quorum Version, e.g.:

Version: 1.9.7-stable
Git Commit: 15330fcff698603cab5eb0925c625c6179613245
Git Commit Date: 20200907
Quorum Version: 2.7.0
Architecture: amd64
Protocol Versions: [64 63]
Network Id: 1337
Go Version: go1.13.7
Operating System: darwin

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