I have to migrate to Geth from Parity/OpenEthereum as the latter completely stopped syncing for me.

First of all I tried to copy one of my private keys exported with parity_exportAccount() - which appears to have a format pretty similar to Geth into Geth keystore:

$ cp myaccount.json ~/.ethereum/keystore/UTC--2020-09-11T05-44-30.451420645Z--0x1234561234561234561234561234561234561234

Now I see my account in Geth JS console - and I even can unlock it with web3.personal.unlockAccount(). But whenever I'm trying to call web3.eth.getBalance(), it always returns 0 - as well as web3.eth.getTransactionCount().

Of course, I have already ensured that my account has non-zero balance on etherchain.org. I'm also sure that my Geth instance is in sync.

What should I do in order to make Geth recognizing my imported wallet's balance? Do I have to run something similar to Bitcoin-Core's -reindex option, or I'm doing something completely wrong? In the latter case, which procedure should I follow to correctly migrate?

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Eventually, I have found this to be working after starting geth in lite mode:

$ geth --syncmode "light"

The balance is getting recognized now and I can use the funds without any problems.

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