I am writing a function to generate trail of all address who owned an asset ( assets is a mapping of asset no to owner no to address of owner). However while making array of address 'listofOwners' I get compilation error, Member "push" is not available in address[] memory outside of storage.

function viewTrail(uint256 _assetNo) public view returns(address[] memory){
   address[] memory listofOwners = new address[](assets[_assetNo].ownerNo);
  for(ownerNo = 1; ownerNo<= assets[_assetNo].ownerNo; ownerNo ++)

return listofOwners;}

Can you please suggest a solution or some other code to generate trail of owners of an asset?


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You can assign the elements to the array position by referencing the element key like myArray[0] = ‘new value’;

The following example uses a view function, because the array is in memory:

function getMultipleAddresses( string[] calldata ids) public view returns (address[] memory) {

    address[] memory _addresses = new address[](ids.length);
    for (uint256 i = 0; i < ids.length; i++) {
      string memory id = ids[i];
      require(_idToAddress[id] != address(0), 'Missing address');
      address payable _address = payable(_addresses[i]);

      _addresses[i] = _address;
    return  _addresses;

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