I have an idea and wish to make a site which will let users register a username on a contract. By calling the contract from their address this will also confirm ownership.

I am wondering is there any examples currently out there for a simple username register?


An example would be:

contract Usernames {
    mapping (address => bytes32) public names;
    mapping (bytes32 => address) public owners;

    function associateNameForEver(bytes32 name) {
        if (owners[name] !=0) throw;
        if (names[msg.sender] != 0) throw;
        owners[name] = msg.sender;
        names[msg.sender] = name;

Once set, it cannot be unset nor changed.


For example, you can see proofofphone.com and his source code https://github.com/blocknotary/proofofphone

  • Please post the relevant details on this site. Answers that are just links are not considered helpful as the linked site may cease to exist. – Chenmunka Sep 20 '16 at 9:22

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