Hi there I hope you can help. I have mistakenly sent 500 Aave (Lend) tokens to my ETH wallet address on crypto.com. Please can you advise what I can do to get back into my orginal wallet? Below is the transaction on etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x80fb784b7ed66730e8b1dbd9820afd29931aab03?a=0xb30b3304d979a06f02fee7d304b109dafd5ba9d7

Regards Kevin


The transaction has already been processed and it's final. If the wallet doesn't support the token natively, you can simply contact the crypto.com customer support to ask what could be done about it.

The assets are not gone, it's just a matter of what the wallet supports and how nice their customer support is.


Were you able to get it back? Especially with how much AAVE is right now. I sent 20 days ago LEND from my Trezor to an AAVE address in Gemini without knowing that I was supposed to convert it. I'm waiting for Gemini to get back to me but I hope I can get it back. Any suggestions for how I can get it back would be great.

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