I tried launching a private POW etherium blockchain. Following is what I observed.

Attempt 1
2 node network. Node1 is a miner, node2 doesnt not sync

Attempt 2
2 nodes network. Node1 is a miner, send 1 eth transfer, node 2 doesnt sync

Attempt 3
3 node network. node1 is miner. node2 and node3 dont sync

Attempt 4
3 network. node1 is miner, sent eth transfer. Syncing works properly.

Are there any docs that explain this behaviour? I know that 2 nodes in a blockchain network makes no sense, but was wondering is there are some docs that explains this.

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    All of these cases should work in theory. In practice networks with a small number of nodes sometimes a node will disconnect because of network timeouts. To diagnose the cause you will have to increase the log level. – Ismael Sep 10 '20 at 14:00

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