Are there any dice / casino gambling games / smart contracts for ethereum yet? Where can I get a list of them?

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There are a few gambling Ethereum dapps under development, though not many are production-ready. I'm not aware of an existing comprehensive list like you describe (though this site has a good list of dapps in general, some of which are gambling games), but here are the ones I'm aware of:

  • Pokereum - Poker (crowdfunding soon, mostly in private repo)
  • Powerball - Powerball (open-source, not planned for production)
  • Ether Faucet - Lottery (technically; not very gamified)
  • Etherdice - Dice game (open-source)
  • vDice - On-Chain Betting (open-source).

There are currently 2:

etheroll.com (live)

  • random number is generated entirely on blockchain

etherdice.io (shutdown until further notice)

  • random number uses 3rd parties

You can view the full list of available smart-contracts here: http://dapps.ethercasts.com/


We're working on a peer-to-peer implementation using Ethereum as a backbone. Card handling is pretty traditional Mental Poker p2p.


I especially liked dice2.win, and eth.casino.

Currently, We are working on Eth based gambling game, with state-of-art protocol...

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