I am trying to sync with Kovan testnet,

docker run --name eth -p 8546:8546 -v ~/ws-002-chainlink/ws00-docker-geth-ropsten:/geth -it ethereum/client-go:stable --testnet --syncmode light --ws --wsaddr --wsorigins="*" --datadir /geth

Here is the status after 3 days of running ...

enter image description here

Will there be any print like sync complete ?

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You can check progress with command eth.syncing(from the geth console), if syncing is on going you must see:

  "currentBlock": xxxxxxx,  
  "highestBlock": xxxxxxx,  
  "knownStates": xxxxxxx,   
  "pulledStates": xxxxxxx,  
  "startingBlock": xxxxxxx  

false means that your Geth is up to date and is not currently syncing. As long as the command eth.syncing returns an object, your node is syncing.

When process is complete you'll see INFO [xx-xx|xx:xx:xx] Imported new chain segment ... entries in the log.


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