For testing my codes without side effects (e.g., consuming gas, etc.) on the development environment, I'm finding a way to execute a smart contract that interacts with other contracts deployed on Ethereum Mainnet. Is there any way to do dry run contracts in the same state on mainnet?

Finally, "ganache-cli --fork" did this job. Thank you for an answer and a comment.

$ ganache-cli --fork http://localhost:8545@1599200

  -f, --fork                Fork from another currently running Ethereum client at a given block. Input should be
                            the HTTP location and port of the other client, e.g. 'http://localhost:8545' or
                            optionally provide a block number 'http://localhost:8545@1599200'

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You can run your own node and synchronize it fully. After that you can import the blockchain data to a local blockchain (Ganache) and use that. Then you can simulate transactions against the snapshot.

Of course this is only a snapshot and you either have to keep re-importing the latest mainnet snapshot or just use a slowly decaying snapshot.

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