I am trying to run test cases in sol-unit for Solidity, but when I compile my code with solc compiler I get an error. I don't think the error is critical, but there is very little material on net about it:

demotest.sol:13:9: Error: Member "assertNotEqual" not found or not visible
after argument-dependent lookup in uint256
demo.getX().assertNotEqual(TEST_VAL, "Values are not equal");

contract Demo {

    uint _x = 0;

    function setX(uint x){
        _x = x;

    function getX() constant returns (uint x){
        return _x;
import "./Demo.sol";

contract DemoTest is Demo {

    uint constant TEST_VAL = 55;

    // Test method starts with 'test' and will thus be recognized (2).
    function testSetX(){
        Demo demo = new Demo();

        // Assert methods bound to type. Assertions will automatically fire off a test event (3).
        demo.getX().assertNotEqual(TEST_VAL, "Values are not equal");

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getX() returns a uint which does not have a member called assertNotEqual. You are probably missing a library that contains that function and the statement that adds the library to all uint types: using LibraryName for uint.


I use Assert.sol as:

Assert.notEqual(Value, ComparativeValue, Message) and it works at leats for equal and notEqual methods

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