I am trying to send eth when my geth node is not fully synced (it's very, very slow)

  currentBlock: 10683052,
  highestBlock: 10780597,
  knownStates: 57935524,
  pulledStates: 57929853,
  startingBlock: 10666347

If I

TX={ from: FROM, to: TO, value: VALUE, nonce: NONCE, gas: GAS , gasPrice: GP}

that succeeds


I get

Error: exceeds block gas limit
        at web3.js:6347:37(47)
        at web3.js:5081:62(37)
        at <eval>:1:23(5)

I tried sending the raw transaction on https://etherscan.io/pushTx but that also failed.

Ideally, I want to solve this at my geth node. How do I send a normal transaction like this without fully syncing?

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