I'm scratching my head here regarding transaction order of execution. Reference to these posts:

Order of transactions in the same block

What is the default ordering of transactions during mining?

  • Let's say we have two accounts A and B
  • Both accounts sends the same kind of transaction with the exact same gas fee
  • Which transaction gets executed first?
  • Is it random?
  • Does the timestamp play a role?
  • Or something else?

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Both the order of transactions between different accounts and the fact if a transaction is even included, are decided by the miner. The miner could even decide to include a lower gasPrice insted of a higher one. The only limitation, as explained in the first post you refered, is that transactions from the same account are processed in nonce order.

  • Yes it's decided by the miner, but I'm sure they are using 80% the same algorithm? How does that algorithm work ?
    – ceds
    Aug 29, 2020 at 18:18

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