i want to deploy my contract to Rinkeby or Ropsten testnet with truffle. But I give an error like this:

ran out of gas (using a value you set in your network config or deployment parameters.)
   * Block limit:  0x989680
   * Gas sent:     10000000

again I set as 10000000 (last block gas limit) the gasLimit value on the remix when I deploy the contract to Rinkeby testnet, remix published the contract.the remix result: after he deployment:enter image description here

and the Rinkeby txHash is this: https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0xea528c900c6ea9751c3a1c8f7b221dfd52a2da5b06ab2998d2789978e20d591a

the contract does not appear to be installed correctly .

How can I deploy the contract with truffle to Rinkeby or ropsten testnet?

thank you

  • Do you have the transaction hash of the failed deployment? Sometimes using the max block gas limit might cause delays because the miner might have to only include your transaction in a block. It is better to use close to the minimum amount of gas that is required, if you contract needs 5.1M gas then 5.2M should be good. From the message it seems the constructor has failed if there's an error it doesn't matter how much gas you use it will keep failing. – Ismael Aug 26 '20 at 16:33

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