I have a library Foo.sol in /logicalroot/src/main/sol/lib/Foo.sol

I have a contract MyContract in /logicalroot/src/main/sol/contracts/MyContract.sol That contract sources this:

import {Foo} from "Foo.sol";

Executing from /logicalroot

solc-static-linux-0.7.0 --abi --bin --overwrite -o build/main src/main/sol/contracts/MyContract.sol

I cannot get solc to find the import despite many permutations of command line args and import decs, e.g.:

import {Foo} from "Foo.sol";
import {Foo} from "./Foo.sol";
import {Foo} from "/Foo.sol";
import {Foo} from "../lib/Foo.sol";

and all manner of --allow-paths and --base-path setups. The only way I can get it to run is with Foo.sol copied into the same dir as MyControl.sol and no command line --allow-paths or --base-path args and the import being:

import {Foo} from "./Foo.sol";  // NOTICE the dot slash path!

Then it works perfectly fine! But not even a symlink works, e.g.

$ cd contracts
$ ln -s ../lib/Foo.sol .

Is this a solc 0.7.0 issue perhaps? Any clues for an old-time C #include "file.h" guy would be much appreciated.

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I got the same problem, the only workaround I have found is to pass the ..=.. argument to solc, so it will correctly interpret the paths.

So my layout is:

├── artifacts
├── contr
│   └── A.sol
└── somedir
    └── B.sol


import "../somedir/B.sol";

And I run solc from the root dir in the following way:

solc --abi --bin contr/A.sol -o artifacts --overwrite ..=..
  • Yikes -- but yes that works. Commented Aug 24, 2021 at 12:58

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