This is a follow-up on the question "Do all transactions show in Metamask wallet?" from Sky Hayward, in which Sky asked about transactions that show up as successful on etherscan, yet the ether doesn't appear in one's Metamask wallet. Ismael answered, "Unfortunately internal transactions are not displayed by Metamask. See this report: https://github.com/MetaMask/metamask-extension/issues/565 . Sadly, the link shows that this has been a known issue since 2016!

It seems like this makes Metamask unusable. I tried to withdraw some ETH from an account at Blockfi to my wallet. Blockfi apparently sent the ETH as a "smart contract", and for some reason it shows up as an "Internal txns" on etherscan. Supposedly it was successful. But Metamask doesn't acknowledge it.

I understand that theoretically, the ETH are now owned by my wallet, regardless of what Metamask thinks. But I can't use them because Metamask doesn't credit them to me. What do I do?

  • Do you have transaction hash? Even if Metamask doesn't show the transfer the balance should be correct and match the one in a block explorer like Etherscan. – Ismael Aug 26 at 4:21

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