I am interested in collecting metrics on my geth node (working towards getting a Grafana dashboard), but I'm currently unable to see stats when browsing to http://NodeIpAddress:6060/debug/metrics.

I followed instructions on the Ethereum blog post and have added two new flags --metrics --pprof to my startup script, which should put it on default port 6060.

Upon restarting my node, I see Enabling metrics collection in the logs, and no obvious errors.

Since I'm running on Ubuntu server, I have opened up my firewall on port 6060 using this command sudo ufw allow 6060/tcp and see via netstat that geth is listening on port 6060.

Unfortunately, when browsing to http://NodeIpAddress:6060/debug/metrics, I see an error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Any ideas what else I can do besides opening firewall to allow this connection?


I was able to figure this one out. Turns out my metrics were publishing, but because I was connecting from a remote host, that device was unable to browse to the metrics. This can be resolved by adding a couple flags to your geth start script: --metrics.addr --pprof.addr
The purpose of is to whitelist any requesting IP. You may change this value if you'd like to restrict access to devices, say, only on your subnet.

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