Can you tell me what this piece of solidity code means please?

uint number = uint(block.blockhash(block.number - 1)) % 37;

Thank you

Take care


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Well, block.number returns the current block number and the builtin function block.blockhash, or rather only blockhash expects a block number and returns the corresponding hash of this block.

So, this line of code takes the block hash of the previous block (block.number -1), converts this hash to a uint, and then performs a modulus 37 operation on it.


If the current block number/height would be 10634585, we take the hash the previous block (with block height 10634584) which is


.. converted to a uint and calculating modulo 37 gives us

72022899595671774698588476995950590173605856445212735706703646854236147888411 % 37 = 7

Hope this helps


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