I am testing a private ethereum network using Geth 1.9.x. On all instances serving RPC (universally enabled CORS), a series of 3 accounts are created (always the same 3 addresses):


If I delete the files in the keystore, new files are eventually created again, with the same account addresses, though. Relaunched new instances a dozen times, same thing always happens.

I have no access to these accounts (passphrases unknown). Nothing else seems to be happening.
Gethinstance works ok. Other nodes without JSON-RPC enabled are unaffected, until they are enabled. On occasion, accounts have insterted themselves in between two previously created accounts.

Environment is a clean Ubuntu 20.04 AWS VM (open TCP/UDP 8500-8599) with JSON-RPC HTTP server running on one of these ports (not on 8545). Also open ssh 22 and TCP/UDP 30300-30399. Private key authentication for ssh.

Is this a security issue, a bug, or a feature?

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