I'm syncing a go-ethereum node.

Now I'm syncing my node in full mode, with gcmode=archive enabled. However after a full week-end, I have around 500GB of disk space eaten and 2y7m left.

My questions:

  • is it possible to do a fast sync, stop the node, then switch to full-mode/gcmode=archive starting from a block number P - and be able to call debug.traceTransaction("0xhash", {tracer: "callTracer"}) where 0xhash can belong to any block A, where A>P?
  • Or do I really need to enable gcmode=archive from the start?
  • Is there anyway to call debug.traceTransaction("0xhash", {tracer: "callTracer"}) without using too much disk space/have an IBD which takes ages?

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