I have two simple constant functions in a contract:

function fun1 (address A) constant returns (uint) {
    return mappingAS[A].length;

function fun2 (address A, uint V) constant returns (string, uint) {
    return (mappingAS[A][V], mappingBE[mappingAS[A][V]][(mappingBE[mappingAS[A][V]].length)-1].timeStamp);

(Note: the first returns a length of an array (from mapping "address => string[]") and the other one returns values from an exact position in another array (which is as well stored in a mapping "string[] => struct[]")

Now both of these constant functions seem to work in the Mist GUI (contract watch) but if I try to call them through web3:


contractA.fun2(address, position).call()

I still have to sign those calls as transactions (with password) and a transaction hash gets returned instead.

Contract and ABI are correctly assigned:

var contractA = web3.eth.contract(contractABI).at(contractAddress)

I'm using standard Mist's geth parameters. Should I somehow change the parameters of geth?

Thanks for any hints.

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    The syntax is contractA.fun2.call(address, position). Did you try that?
    – eth
    Commented Sep 5, 2016 at 8:16

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The correct syntax is:


contractA.fun2.call(address, position)

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