I have a factory pattern smart contract that creates other smart-contracts by cloning the master smart contract via Minimal Proxy Contract and CREATE2 opcode. What is the proper way to calculate CREATE2 final address in golang?

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go-ethereum have a function for this https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/crypto?tab=doc#CreateAddress2

func CreateAddress2(b common.Address, salt [32]byte, inithash []byte) common.Address

Where b is the factory, salt the salt used, inithash is your init data hash.

You can calculate inithash like that

func getInithash(contractABI, contractBin string, params ...interface{}) []byte {
    parsed, _ := abi.JSON(strings.NewReader(contractABI))
    packedArguments, _ := parsed.Pack("", params...) // constructor params

    initData := append(common.FromHex(contractBin), packedArguments...)
    return crypto.Keccak256(initData)

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