Is there a list of features and benefits to using Ethereum?

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The most official list must be the one in the Ethereum book:

  • user authentication, via seamless integration of cryptographic signatures
  • fully customizable payment logic; easily create your own payment system without any reliance on third parties
  • 100% ddos resistant up-time, guaranteed by being a fully decentralized blockchain-based platform
  • no-fuss storage: forget about having to set up secure databases; Ethereum gives you as much storage as you want
  • ultimate interoperability: everything in the Ethereum ecosystem can trivially interact with everything else, from reputation to custom currencies
  • server free zone: your whole application can be deployed on the blockchain meaning no need for setting up or maintaining servers; let your users pay for the cost of their using your service.

If you prefer video to text, can you see this short video: Ethereum the world computer.

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