I'm working on deploying a factory contract which in turn has a function to deploy a three-contract ecosystem. One of those contracts also has a library contract with it.


I'm using the scaffold-eth repo from Austin Griffith, which ships with Buidler. I'm trying to figure out how to deploy this ecosystem using Buidler.

I can alter /packages/buidler/scripts/deploy.js to not do an auto-deploy on everything all at once, and deploy Factory.sol manually. (I don't need the other contracts deployed yet anyway.) The thing is, Factory doesn't deploy out of the constructor - it has a deployEcosystem function.

I see that Buidler has an Ethers plugin. That made me think that I could maybe deploy the Factory, then use Ethers to hit the deployEcosystem function, but I'm not all that sure that will work, since I can't figure out where a signer or gas would come from. I was looking at an Etherlime script that deploys the same suite of contracts, and I see that it has a function which can do this:

const deployer = new etherlime.JSONRPCPrivateKeyDeployer(

Which I assume will then charge gas to this account. Does Buidler have anything similar?

If I have to use Ethers to do this, how do I tell Ethers to unlock an account from the dev chain in a script and use it as the deployer?

Alternatively, is there something else I should be doing in order to deploy the ecosystem?

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