Private network, running geth 1.9.15 and openethereum 3.0.1.

Parity converter was used to create the chain.json file for openethereum.

The two node show the exact same:

  • genesis block
  • network id

However, I can not connect them. I have a hunch the problem is with openethereum. I am trying to do all of this on, but my openethereum enode string has @ at the end of it. Among the parameters I called it with were --interface and --jsonrpc-interface, so I'm not sure why it appears to be using a different ip address. When I try to use admin.addPeer() in my geth console, it returns true, as always, but it doesn't add the peer.

I have not found a way to add the peer in openethereum because it doesn't seem to have the admin api. openethereum doesn't seem to have a console like geth does. I have to open a separate node console and create the web3 object, which doesn't provide any admin api like the geth console does, at least not that I can find.

Also, when I send a transaction to the openethereum node, it doesn't mine it. It says it is mining, but no receipt ever shows up and no new blocks get added to the blockchain. The openethereum node periodically outputs lines like

2020-07-11 12:20:16     0/25 peers   792 bytes chain 3 KiB db 0 bytes queue 528 bytes sync  RPC:  0 conn,    0 req/s,   44 µs

You'll notice that way over on the right side it says 0 req/s. As soon as I send it a transaction, that changes to 1 req/s. Then, when it times out after 750 seconds with no receipt, it changes back to 0 req/s again. So it seems to know the transaction was sent.

I have never got openethereum to mine a transaction no matter what I try. When I run it, it runs just fine. I can connect to it with web3. But it always says it is mining and appears to receive transactions but does nothing.

Has anyone else got openethereum (a newer version since the name changed) to mine transactions?

Anyone have any ideas why these two nodes that have the same genesis block and the same network id won't connect?

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