My computer is a dream machine with 64gb RAM and 28 cores operating at 4-5Ghz. Using Linux Mint. I also have a fairly modern Nvidia graphiques karrd with 8gb VRAM.

I am mining XMR on 24 of my 28 cores, leaving 4 for day to day tasks, and there is no noticeable slowdown or impact on my computer experience.

But the moment I fire up Ethminer, my computer becomes incredibly laggy. I find this surprising. Surely maxing out the graphics card shouldn't have such a drastic impact.

I would like to leave ethminer running all the time, rather than simply firing it up when I go to bed. How can I diagnose the slowdown?

edit: even if I stop mining XMR and my 28 cores are all available, the slowdown is significant. I don't understand why maxing out the graphics card would have such an impact on everything else

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