I want to know how to deploy Smart Contract on Ethereum 2 Testnet using web3 ?

  • What is "Ethereum 2 Testnet"? What have you tried so far? What technologies are you using? – goodvibration Jul 7 at 14:42
  • I think, Ethereum (Proof of Stake) . I have deployed smart contract on rospten network using web3, Node js, Javascript – Amir Ali Jul 7 at 16:31

The Eth 2.0 testnet is only the beacon chain. It doesn't yet support smart contracts.

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  • so we can not test ethereum 2.0 by deploying Smart Contract or interact with already deployed Smart Contract – Amir Ali Jul 7 at 16:32
  • Ethereum 2.0 will add support for smart contracts in later phases. Unlikely to happen this year. – Mikko Ohtamaa Jul 8 at 13:32

Ethereum 2.0 is starting out with the beacon chain and it has no smart contracts for the forseeable future: What is the difference between Ethereum 2.0 and the beacon chain?

So you cannot deploy one.

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