I am doing arbitration with some measure of success; but I suspect I am running into edge cases where the available reserve size is less than what I am trying to buy or sell.

Something like this:

function kyberToUniSwapArb(address fromAddress,address toAddress, uint ethAmount) public payable returns (uint256){
    uint256 cryptoAmountPurchased = buyCryptoOnKyber( ethAmount , fromAddress);

     sellCryptoOnUniswap(cryptoAmountPurchased , toAddress);



function uniSwapToKyberArb(address fromAddress,address toAddress, uint256 ethAmount) public payable {

    uint256 cryptoAmountPurchased = buyCryptoOnUniswap( ethAmount , fromAddress);

     sellCryptoOnKyber(cryptoAmountPurchased , toAddress);



Are there any methods in Uniswap(V2) and Kyber exchanges that I can use to determine the reserve size before buying a given amount of a token or selling a given amount.

Thanks a lot

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