I am using eth-lightwallet 2.4.3. I found some of my transactions never got mined. Using txpool.status I noticed I was getting a number in queued.


 pending: 0,
 queued: 2

I understand that transactions in queued are there because they have a nonce that is out of sequence.

This problem doesn't always happen. Sometimes everything works ok.

How and where in the code does eth-lightwallet manage the nonce? I presume it must have a technique for knowing what the next nonce value will be for each transaction.

I should mention I am using eth-lightwallet with the hooked-web3-provider and use the web3 api.

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In this example the nonce has do be added manually. So I assume that you have to handel the nonce yourself in the light client.

// TX to register the key 123
txOptions.to = contractData.addr
txOptions.nonce += 1
var registerTx = txutils.functionTx(abi, 'register', [123], txOptions)
var signedRegisterTx = signing.signTx(keystore, pwDerivedKey, registerTx, sendingAddr)
  • I should have mentioned I am using hooked-web3-provider.
    – Interition
    Sep 1, 2016 at 10:48

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