• I've never set up a wallet before, and am new to geth.
  • I'm not worried about security right now. My goal is to set up several wallets on my private chain (if possible) in order to learn how wallets work, how they sign transactions, etc.
  • I'm not tech-illiterate. (I've been a programmer for 27 years.)


  • Running geth on a private network.
  • Using truffle to deploy test contracts.
  • Installed the truffle HDWalletProvider in order to sign transactions.
  • The wallet won't sign transactions because the addresses in the wallet are not the same as the ones that geth recognizes.

First, is there a way to import the accounts from the wallet into geth and fund them on the existing private network? Or do I have to start with a new genesis block that allocates and funds the same addresses that are in the wallet? If not, then how do I make sure the private network recognizes the same accounts that the wallet does?

Second, is there a way to export accounts from geth into the wallet? I have a hunch there isn't, but thought I'd ask anyway.

Third, I have heard that MEW is a good desktop wallet that can be used on a private network. I went to their website and tried to create a wallet, starting with a mnemonic, then it showed me the addresses in the new wallet and I clicked to accept the terms, but the "Access My Wallet" button remained inactive. Does this even work? Is MEW the wrong choice of a desktop wallet for a private network? I've heard it's one of the best wallets out there, but it won't give me access to the wallet I just created. Here is what I see.

enter image description here

Fourth, can anyone recommend other desktop wallets that are easy to set up, give me full control of private keys, addresses, etc. and will work with a private network?

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