Using sol compiler 0.5.1

I am trying to fetch data from old smart contract's function called people, the smart contract is already deployed on the blockchain

mapping(address => Person ) public people;

and in new contract i imported it and define like this

ADNIOX token;
constructor () public {
                        token = ADNIOX(0x5244e79314c710E5cA2715c071F3d2750CcAEa90);

Below is the response I get.


now i want do check some variable values from above response and process according to it.

Person memory p = token.people(_addr);

(uint a,address b,uint256 c,uint256 d,ADNIOX.userState e ,ADNIOX.withdrawState f ,ADNIOX.remainToken g ,uint256 h,uint256 i) = token.people(_addr);

I tried both ways but it haven't worked for me.

The contract is deployed here: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x6dc4e20f7fd3540793d9dcb337667f5c5b8f0cb2#readContract

The contract gives the values of whole object


The problem for me is that I want to check the value of one of these variables and compare it to my defined criteria and then proceed to complete the code.


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