To access any function of contract, we use :
contractInstance.functionname.sendtransaction() or contractInstance.functionname.call()

Is it possible to call it as :
contractInstance[functionname].sendtransaction() or contractInstance["functionname"].call()?


Both contractInstance["functionname"].call() and contractInstance["functionname"].sendTransaction() work.

  • Have you implemented it?
    – Aniket
    Sep 1 '16 at 11:36
  • Yes, I tried it on a small project of mine. Sep 1 '16 at 11:51

In the documentation you will find all the methods used to call a function from web3.js

// Automatically determines the use of call or sendTransaction based on the method type
myContractInstance.myMethod(param1 [, param2, ...] [, transactionObject] [, defaultBlock] [, callback]);

// Explicitly calling this method
myContractInstance.myMethod.call(param1 [, param2, ...] [, transactionObject] [, defaultBlock] [, callback]);

// Explicitly sending a transaction to this method
myContractInstance.myMethod.sendTransaction(param1 [, param2, ...] [, transactionObject] [, callback]);

// Get the call data, so you can call the contract through some other means
var myCallData = myContractInstance.myMethod.getData(param1 [, param2, ...]);
// myCallData = '0x45ff3ff6000000000004545345345345..'

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