Is there any function in go-ethereum, which can convert values from ether to wei and vice-versa?

I should notice, that I'm not using geth as standalone app, I'm using go-ethereum as imported libraries to my golang app, so using console is not an option

I want to ask if go-etherum has some converter function inside it, or, probably, someone know other non-official library at go, which can convert Ethereum values.


Go-ethereum exposes the web3 API:


So, if amt is in ETH, you can do:



web3.utils.fromWei(amt, 'ether')



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  • Ok, I should add that I'm not using geth as standalone app, I'm using go-ethereum modules as imported libraries to my golang app (for interaction with smart-contracts, transaction, event's, etc) Therefore I cannot use java-script console So, Im asking -- is there anything inside go-ethereum for making such conversions? Or probably you know any other go-lib for doing so? – Jack Bekket Jun 15 at 13:38
  • @JackBekket I'm not sure of the arithmetic precision in go, but could you just divide or multiply by 1000000000000000000? I don't know re. the go-ethereum internals. Why not update your question with this context? – atomh33ls Jun 15 at 14:18
  • Yes, currently the only solution is to do amt*10^18, but it feels unsafety and not really convinient as such simple functions from web3 :c Also, probably you know, why there are no implementation of web3 in go? – Jack Bekket Jun 15 at 18:39
  • @JackBekket I don't know, and I also don't know why there'd need to be one either. – atomh33ls Jun 19 at 13:10

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