I am trying to call a method from my smart contract (myMethod) and save the result (result) as a state (this.state.result) in react. However, my state is not being updated to the result. My code is provided below. How can I fix this?

      await this.contractInstance.methods.myMethod().call({from: this.account, gas: 5000000}).then(result => {return this.state.result = result}).catch('That's a RIP');

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Please take a look at the React documentation: https://reactjs.org/docs/state-and-lifecycle.html#do-not-modify-state-directly.

For example, this will not re-render a component:

// Wrong
this.state.comment = 'Hello';

Instead, use setState():

// Correct
this.setState({ comment: 'Hello' });

I dont know if this will help but in my case i had an angular project and it didn't update my attribut so i had to create my instance of State in your case inside the function that returns the result.

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