If I define the following struct like this:

struct MyStruct {
  uint256 type;

The Solidity compiler throws an error:

Expected identifier but got 'type'

I checked to have no mistake in my code and, when changing "type" with anything else, the error goes away.

Is "type" reserved in Solidity?

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Yes, type is a reserved keyword in Solidity, according to the source code.

However, according to the docs, type is not a reserved keyword.

With that said, the reason it is reserved is for deriving type information on-chain. You can read more about it in the docs:

The expression type(X) can be used to retrieve information about the type X. Currently, there is limited support for this feature (X can be either a contract or an integer type) but it might be expanded in the future.

Edit: I would expect the error you received to read: ParserError: Expected identifier but got reserved keyword 'type'. This seems like a bug that should be resolved so that future developers do not have this issue as well.

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