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  • Time = 2-4 days, and I've taken margins of about 800% here. The whole thing can probably be accomplished in a few hours. Budget - depending on the country of payment... – goodvibration Jun 9 at 9:46
  • I don't think it should take a month. First bullet is probably a few minutes. First part of the second bullet (link SC to FE) also sounds like a few minutes job. Not sure about the QR code thing though, I don't have too much knowledge on that, in order to quote a time-frame. First part of the third bullet (deploy SC) also sounds like a few minutes job. Not sure what you mean by "push the site online", and with regards to "make sure everything is working fine" - I think that's your job, not the contractor's. – goodvibration Jun 9 at 10:01
  • Share a link to the SC code and a link to the FE code, and I'll see if I can help. You're welcome. – goodvibration Jun 9 at 10:06
  • SC: github.com/dice2-win/contracts/blob/master/Dice2Win.sol (open source as long as we credit the author) – U.zhang Jun 9 at 10:08
  • FE: ibb.co/kS2J784 – U.zhang Jun 9 at 10:08

Have you tried to submit / share the opportunity with crypto / blockchain job listing sites like https://twitter.com/jobsincrypto?

We submitted one opening and now we're getting resumes.

Hope it helps!

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  • You're very welcome. – ETHPlanet Jun 10 at 12:16

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