I want to display a human readable balance with less decimal places like metamask does it. The function formatEther(wei) returns a string, so for proper rounding I need to parse it etc. And I wanted to ask if there is an easier method or best practice how it's done.

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Here are two different ways to do it, given str as the string returned by function formatEther:

Option #1:

function truncate(str, maxDecimalDigits) {
    if (str.includes('.')) {
        const parts = str.split('.');
        return parts[0] + '.' + parts[1].slice(0, maxDecimalDigits);
    return str;

Option #2:

const Decimal = require('decimal.js');

function truncate(str, maxDecimalDigits) {
    const num = new Decimal(str);
    return num.toFixed(maxDecimalDigits, Decimal.ROUND_DOWN);

Though probably not critical for your application, see here for a list of rounding modes.

  • Thanks but first solution does not round and second solution uses a library. I'd prefer not to use a library for this. This might be a personal preference – CodingYourLife Jun 5 '20 at 14:50
  • @CodingYourLife: You can use Number(str), then do some arithmetic on this. But knowing the typical magnitude of numeric values in this eco-system, I'm afraid that Number will be potentially less accurate than simply truncating the string, as I have shown in the first option above. – goodvibration Jun 5 '20 at 15:03

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